Hope Lutheran Church is on a mission and we invite you join with us!

Hope Lutheran exists to serve our community and strives to be a clear voice and witness of God’s unconditional love.  

We are convinced God is loose in St. Charles County.  We also believe we are called to discover where the Holy Spirit might be providing opportunities for us to share God’s love and make a difference in our community.

If something is missing and you are seeking to make sense of what is happening in your life, let’s visit and explore.
If you want to discover who we are and what Lutherans believe and do, come visit us. If you are eager to be part of a community striving for spiritual depth and eager to engage in God’s work in our community, come visit us.
If you are convinced God is loose and moving through our community and want to join with us in our quest to discover how the Holy Spirit might want to use us, please contact us. Let’s explore together how and where your God given gifts and talents might be utilized to  make a positive difference in St. Charles County.