Program for Adult Christian Education

PACE is designed to address the life long learning needs of the Hope congregation and the community it serves.
Christian education is essential to nurturing faith, therefore it is important that each of us participate in ongoing education so that  our faith continues to grow.
Courses in the PACE program, will not be limited to Bible Study, but instead will be designed to take a holistic approach of addressing the educational needs of the mind, body and spirit of adults 17 years of age and older.
It is the goal of the PACE program to offer courses that vary in length from single evening classes, to in depth courses four to twelve weeks in duration.  Courses will take a variety of forms including formal lecture courses, small study groups, and shared learning groups.



Join us in the sanctuary at 9:30AM on Sundays for a rousing discussion as we prepare our feedback on the social statement:  “Faith, Sexism and Justice:  Conversations Toward a Social Statement.” Chaplain Shirley Talbot, Facilitator.
July 2 – Why do we need to talk together? Module Download Here. Please save to your device.  Online response form
July 9 – What problems do women face and what does justice require? Module Download HereOnline response form.
July 16 – How is sexism personal, and how are we the body of Christ together? Module Download Here.
July 23 – What does economic sexism look like, and how can we seek equity for all? Module Download Here.
July 30 – How can we address violence against women and girls? Module Download Here.
Aug 6 – Why do words and images for God matter? Module Download Here. Images for Module.
Aug 13 – How do we challenge the misuse of Scripture against women and girls? Module Download Here.
Links to the ELCA web site on the Conversation HERE.

Bible Studies

Midrash (Taking the summer off, see you in the Fall)
This group for all ages. For folks who like to discuss life and scripture…Midrash is what rabbi’s do when they wonder about scripture, and that’s what we do every week with the texts used in worship. Times and Location: Every Sunday 9:30-10:30AM   Hope Lutheran Church Classroom #3  Mark Brodland Leader
Tuesday Bible Study
This group for those who enjoy studying the Bible. We study the scriptures that are used in worship on Sunday Morning. Times and Location: Tuesday 10:00-11:30AM at Hope Lutheran Church Classroom 2&3   alternating pastors Leaders