Key Ministry Areas

Asset Management ► Fulfills  Hope’s mission by leading the church through a  process of transformation in creating passion and ownership toward  spiritual growth.  .

Collaborative Ministries ► Fulfills Hope’s misson by supporting existing and  facilitating new congregational entities which provide avenues for artistic, service, and fellowship occasions, in order to provide unique faith expressions of ministries of congregational life and/or the Community.

Communication ► Communications role is to develop and implement a plan that may include but not limited to written, verbal and visual means to encourage involvement in our Church and community.

Caring for Ourselves ► Fulfills Hope’s mission by providing Christ Centered care and  compassion to meet the needs of the Congregation.

Caring for Our World ► Exercises stewardship of the people, financial and physical assets of Hope Lutheran Church in support of the Ministries of Hope Lutheran Church.

Life Long Learning ► Fulfills Hope’s mission by providing Christian and educational opportunities to nurture the congregation and the community so they are enriched and equipped for life.

Transformational Ministries ► Studies organizations and related resources. Uses the information obtained to augment change for the benefit of all.

Worship, Liturgy & Rites ► The spirit guided expression of our faith in the Triune God created by  the body of believers for all who choose to participate. This expression is on a continuum of informal to very formal.