For kids and adults who want to feed the starving children…we meet to package food to be sent to Haiti. We also work on fundraising, organizing, and experiencing how God works through us. Kids Against Hunger is for all ages…if you can hold a spoon, you can help.


  • 40,000 children die from hunger or hunger related diseases daily

  • 1 in 3 children around world are malnourished

  • The New Tabarre Christian Church, which is near House of Hope in Haiti, has a dozen families in their congregation without food

  • Kids Against Hunger is a program committed to helping fight hunger in developing nations


Sunday School Program


  • Sunday School students are an important part of the Kids Against Hunger Program at Hope Lutheran Church

  • Each class takes a turn during the Sunday School hour

  • Weekly program cost: $300

  • 470 boxes (101,520 meals) were packaged from Jan-May 2012



 Rally Day KAH packaging


house of hopeOur Plan

All food packaged at Hope Lutheran Church is sent to Haiti and distributed to hungry families by House of Hope, a ministry of Amer-Haitian Bon Zami, a Missouri not-for-profit corporation.


Supplies and Transportation

Kids Against Hunger supplies are ordered from Global Compassion Ministries.

There are no transportation costs; packaged food is donated to Ameri-Haitian Bon Zami

Kids Against Hunger food and other supplies are shipped to Haiti twice a year

Boxes are stored in donated space at the NiCE (Nicaraguan Christian Education) warehouse in Highland, IL until shipped




$.12      a child’s lunch (one serving)

$.72      dinner for a family (one bag)

$5.04    dinner for a week (seven bags)

$7.20     Sunday lunch for the New Tabarre Christian Church (10 bags)

$12.00   100 meals

$25.92   one box of food (36 bags)

$40.32   family meals for a month (56 bags)

$43.80   one person for an entire year

 Additional Information

We have a room available for small group packings such as Scouts, businesses, sport teams or any small group of 15 people  that can be coordinated easily by contacting Steve Tompkin at sv_tompkin@sbcglobal.net.

Links for more information:

National organization:  http://kidsagainsthunger.org/

Jerry Lantz is our supplier and delivers KAH food to remote villages in Haiti by boat. His organization is Compassion Ministries. http://globalcompassionministries.com

For more information, contact Steve Tompkin.