KAH Title and Mud cookie pics

Mud Cookies

Yes, people actually eat mud cookies in Haiti.  They are made lard and clay and baked in the sun.  On a mission trip to Port Au Prince we took these pictures and cannot forget them.  The average caloric intake for a Haitian is 1200 calories per day.  The USDA recommended caloric intake is 2400 calories a day.

Meal Packets


Kids Against Hunger is made of four ingredients: soy, rice, dried vegetables and a vitamin flavoring powder).

Six meals are provided in each packet. 36 Packets go into a box which all together provides 216 meals.  To prepare the meals, they are boiled like rice.


 Group Pic Large Pack

Annual Super Bowl Saturday

Our big group packing is held on the Saturday before the Super Bowl Football game.  We start at 8 am and finish at noon.  If not available that Saturday moving supplies before and after is another way of getting involved.

We also hold small group (10-15 people) packings in our office next to Hope Lutheran Church.  Scouts, Girls on the Run, Church groups and business groups have packaged with us.

All food packaged at Hope Lutheran Church is sent to Haiti and distributed by Amer-Haitian Bon Zami, (not-for-profit corporation) from House of Hope in the Tabbarre quarter of Port-Au-Prince.  Over 20 organizations receive food from us.  Programs on the mission such as the Grannies, the Pitch soccer program and the Tabbarre Christian church.

Click here to support Kids Against Hunger Super Bowl organized by Steve Tompkin

Supplies and Transportation

Kids Against Hunger supplies are ordered from the KAH office in Omaha NE.  When we receive our supply order we store the supplies in a container located next to Hope Lutheran church.  After the KAH food is packaged the completed pallets are stored in the container until international shipping can be arranged.  The Denton Plan has been used which provides free transportation from the USAF departing base to Port-Au-Prince Haiti.

MAC C-17 At Port-Au -Prince

There are transportation costs from Omaha to St. Charles and costs when we ship internationally.  Typically, a 40’ container filled with 38 pallets costs $11,000 to ship commercially to Haiti.


Our opportunity to excel is getting food shipped in a timely manner and having enough money to pay for supplies and shipping.  We need to modify our approach of just buying supplies and having no budget left for shipping costs. From actual shipping and production costs I have created a cost break down structure listed below. The KAH recommended fee is $0.25 per meal to cover other costs that we don’t have in our operation.

KAH Cost Breakdown

Additional Information

We have a room available for small group packings such as Scouts, businesses, sport teams or any small group of 10 to 15 people that can be coordinated easily by contacting Steve Tompkin at sv_tompkin@sbcglobal.net.

Steve Tompkin

KAH Satellite Director, House of Hope

Links for more information:

National organization: http://kidsagainsthunger.org/